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Here are the members of the UCSB BaBar group.

If you want to find other members of the BaBar collaboration, you can search the BaBar and PEPII database.


Our group is primarly involved with the Silicon Vertex Detector and the DIRC Particle Identification Detector.

Silicon Vertex Detector

Test Beam Module

Here is information about the Layer 2 module that has been assembled for the May '97 test beam at CERN. There are a number of pictures of the assembly sequence and a spreadsheet of the bonding map, faults, noise and gains of every strip. (April 1997)

Test Beam Analysis

Information on the testbeam analysis can be found here. (October 1997)

Prodution Wirebonding and Testing

This page shows information relating the DFA Production. (Status, summaries, bonding maps and documentation)

HDFA Production

Status of gluing, bonding/testing, and assembly of first six sextants and modules
Accounting of H1 usage
Accounting of H2 usage
Overview of MS Project for first 6 sextants and layer 3 modules

Misc. HDI Tests

Proposed method for setting SVT chip thresholds. (December 1998)
Charge Collection Efficiency / Gain study using an infrared LED.(August 1998)
Chip 9 / Low gain study. (August 1998)
AToM chip offset study. (August 1998)
Tests of H1-01, H1-04 and H1-25 (July 1998).
Proposal for standard HDI / half module testing procedure. (December 1997)
Here is a page with information on the Test Bench. (April 1997)  

Commissioning Module HDI Test Results

Gory details of the commissioning module HDI test results can be found here.

Tracking Efficiency Studies

A study of tracking efficiency under different hardware conditions can be found here. (August 1998)

SVT Occupancies

A note on the current estimate of the occupancies in the SVT for various background levels can be found here. (November 1998)

For more general information about the BaBar detector, go to the main BaBar page at SLAC.

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