UCSB DFA Production Information

This page contains information relating the DFA production work at UCSB.

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Current Status

This is a table showing the current status of DFA production. We will try to keep this table updated on a weekly basis. For each part in our inventory, we list where it is in the production sequence and any comments.  There is also a tab-delimited ASCII file with summary information (finish dates of bonding, testing and gluing to HDI).

This plot shows how much bonding we have done since January 1st, 1998, how much bonding we still need to do, and what our current status is, this plot shows our testing status, and this plot shows how closely the testing was following the bonding. Finally, a plot showing our burn-in situation is also available.

9/14/98: All class A parts have been bonded!

DFA Test ResultsNew!

You can view the results of the DFA tests that have been performed so far on all parts.  You can see what parts are being tested, what tests have been performed on each part, and the results of the tests.  The results can be viewed as either a JPG image of the LabVIEW frontpanel, and Excel workbook which combines all of the data and calculates a bad channel list, or as a TAB-delimitted ASCII file.  Just click here to begin.

Burn-in results for D02B.13 and D03F.03

Click here to see the results of a seven week burn-in for D02B.13, and here to see the results of a four week burn-in for D03F.03.

DFA Testing Fault Summary

Click here to see a summary of the number of bad strips per DFA that we see in the DFA tests. All fault types that we can see are counted, except for opens and shorts on the Upilex testing tree. Please note that there are some wafer faults which don't appear in the DFA test, like high current strips and strips with bad bias resistors. Only parts that have finished all of their testing and rework are included in the graphs. Parts used for special studies and things like beam tests are not include, either.

View DFA Testing Live Online!

You can also view the front panel of a currently running test.  The image should update every few (~5) seconds.  Click here to see!
Note: If a test is not currently running, you may get a message saying that the server is down or not responding (which is true).


Much of this documentation is meant for local use: How-To's for the various production tasks.
Any comments or questions? Please send e-mail to Douglas Roberts or Natalia Kuznetsova