Test Bench Noise at UCSB

This is an attempt to summarize our experience with fighting the noise problem on the layer 2 SVT testbeam module at UCSB (with the help of the UC Santa Cruz group: Abe Seiden, Ned Spencer and Max Wilder). This document is a play-by-play reconstructed from notes in my lab logbook. Because we were trying to do things very fast, and because of the inevitable chaos, some of my notes are not very clear. Nevertheless, I hope that this can be of some use at the testbeam. The procedure used to measure noise on the bench at UCSB is summarized in a separate document. The noise in units of DAC threshold counts as measured using the old data transmission (DAT) was of order 2 counts on the p-side and 2.5 counts on the n-side.

My conlusions from this excercise, with the obvious caveat that things may be different at the test beam, are the following:

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Claudio Campagnari