Sampler of WWW sites

The World Wide Web (WWW) has many useful and interesting sites, available by simply pointing and clicking. Here is a short sampler of them.

Most documents here should come to your screen in a few seconds, but congestion on the Internet can sometimes cause about a 30 second delay between clicking, and complete appearance on your screen. Sometimes an `ERROR' message comes up; about 2/3 of the time, if you click on the `Reload' button on your browser, the document will subsequently come through. Of course sometimes the computer you are trying to access is down, or some other problem has occurred.


A page that contains links to about 800 world universities, including over 600 in the United States, arranged by country, is here. An official listing of UC sites is here.

The UCSB home page is here.

Serious Business

In experimental particle physics, our collaborations disseminate and coordinate information through the WWW: two examples are CLEO-II and BABAR.

Research information is available on the WWW: the U.S. Census is here; the U.S. Budget is here. California results from the recent elections, with county-by-county color maps of results, are here. The works of Shakespeare are here; the bible is here.

It has become standard for theoretical particle physicists to post their preprints, completely electronically, here. The Physical Review is testing an online interface here.

Some material describing a proposed, but now withdrawn, oil extraction project named Clearview, that would have been located on the UCSB Campus, is here.

A very good, hyperlinked Webster's dictionary is here. The OED is here. but one has to subscribe. The Encyclopedia Brittanica is here; UCSB is not a subscriber, so we cannot search the Britannica.

Photographic Images

The WWW really excels with images. Some of the best are astronomical, accessible from here. Images from the Hubble Telescope in space are here. Very up-to-date images from weather satellites are here. Photographs of insects are available here.

Art and photographs are on the WWW. The Louvre is here. The Library of Congress is here; one current hyper-exhibition consists of Civil War Photographs, here. The National Air and Space Museum is here.


Armchair travel is possible from here; I like to visit Paris. Up to the minute news from CNN is available here. A big list of Newspapers is available here.

Links to music, movie reviews, and stock quotes are available.

Two local internet providers are here and here.

A Good Index

You might wonder how to find something specific that you are interested in. My favorite index is Yahoo, which contains links to over 20,000 sites. The organization is very good; new links are added promptly; and the site is searchable. Only their name is peculiar., 10/16/95